Product group:
Axial seal
A = standard
S = body reinforced
L = profile thin
E = for large diameters
FPM 60


Operational application limits

Temperatur (°C): -20 to +200
Perifer hastighet (m/s): ≤ 6.5


Mineral oils and lubricants, engine, gear and ATF oils, fuels, aromatic and chlorinated hydro-carbon, resistance to a wide range of chemicals.


Advantages of the V-Ring:

  • Single function sealing element
  • Seals against dust, dirt, lubricant, oil or water spray
  • Works well in combination with rotary shaft seals
  • Low demands on the counter surface with regard to the surface quality
  • Simple installation
  • Is stretched onto the shaft
  • The dynamic friction reduces with increasing peripheral speed due to the centrifugal force
  • Good dynamic sealing effect
  • Balances light axial movements as well as angle and rotary settings
  • Protects rotary shaft seals from abrasive environmental conditions


V-Rings are used mainly in combination with other types of seals such as rotary shaft seals and as pre-sealing elements for bearings and shafts. V-Rings are often applied in drive technology, in general mechanical engineering and plant engineering. V-Rings are also found in electric engines, transmissions, agricultural machines, bearing pedestals and rolling mills. They are used to seal against dust, dirt, lubricant, oil or water spray from the outside.